Alysa Gap

Alysa Gap is a Russian pornstar born in 1982. She stood out among the hundreds of aspiring porn actresses from Eastern Europe for her overwhelming capacity for hardcore sex, for her formidable stamina for the most excessive sexual practices. She is one of the undisputed queens of today’s extreme cinema.

Alysa Gap

She started in 2009, to date she has appeared in 290 films. Her performances stole the hearts of lovers of the most bestial sexual practices, being practically a cult actress within the genre. She gave us the most overwhelming anal gapes of those years, already distant, and was a foretaste of what would come some time later with the normalization of hardcore porn. Always with a smile and demonstrating scene after scene, a physical endurance far above normal. Although she is currently retired from professional shoots, she continues to offer videos for OnlyFans.

Last Updated on March 18, 2023

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