Abbie is a Russian ex-pornstar born in 1993. You may have also seen her under the name Anjelica Hanson or Angelica. Her videos quickly went viral. For years, forums and social networks were filled with images of her. They wondered how a young woman with a real model’s body could dedicate herself with such dedication to hardcore sex.


Who is she?

She is a face recognized by any true lover of porn movies. After the first handjob we all ask the same question: Who is she? She was much prettier than most of the actresses you were used to seeing in those years, maybe she was too skinny, but still she attracted too much attention. It was a time when you were still not used to seeing such gorgeous faces. And even less used to seeing them in anal sex sessions with the ease of our protagonist.

She opened her ass from the first scenes without any problems, she has left us a lot of scenes of great quality, she has a magnificent asshole. Abbie didn’t seem forced either, she sucked with desire and with a nice smile, when you wanted to realize you were cumming a lot. Again and again, and again, and again, so your name was so engraved in your mind that today you are here trying to know more about her.

Abbie, a queen without a throne

She was active from 2011 to 2017, developing her career mainly for European production companies. Companies like 21sextury, Video Art Holland, and Legal Porno lived a golden age thanks to the repercussion that her scenes had. Unfortunately, she never reached the star status she deserved, she was always in the background. Abbie retired without taking the step to American porn, and without achieving any official recognition. She remains totally retired from the industry, she also has no OnlyFans, a strange case today, surely many fans would be willing to pay to see her again.

Last Updated on March 6, 2023