How to evaluate the actors?

In stories behind the porn we already evaluate the performance and appearance of the actresses. The actors weren’t going to be any less. That’s when it came to my mind; how I should value actors? I had to develop a precise method to avoid ambiguity and to cover enough aspects so that the final score would be fair. Obviously, the parameters to be qualified are very different from those of the actresses. Actors usually take a back seat, no less important, and their work must be valued differently. Therefore, we are going to develop a scoring system based on the following categories.

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AV Idol

The concept of AV Idol is fundamental to understanding Japanese porn. The industry is very different from the western one. From a first glance, the particular style of the scenes stands out, which are slow, censored and very much oriented towards Japanese preferences. With long kisses, young girls sucking nipples of elderly guys and bukkakes martially executed. But behind these purely aesthetic aspects there is much more.

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BDSM. Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Sadism. The main erotic disciplines grouped in an acronym. Porn is no stranger to these practices. More and more accepted by the general public and therefore with more pornographic demand. Many studies have been behind the movement for years, but it is currently gaining greater repercussion. Approaching mainstream porn and normalizing some of its skills among traditional producers.

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XRCO Awards

The XRCO Awards are given by the X-Rated Critics Organization. A group of writers and editors involved with the pornography industry since 1984.. The key figure in their founding was Jim Holliday. A director and critic of X-Rated films with extensive experience and great prestige within the industry. He was also a member of the AVN and XRCO halls of fame. Sadly, he died in 2004 of health complications due to his diabetes.

XRCO Awards
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Bukkake is a sexual practice where participants take turns ejaculating on one or more receptors. Usually the semen is swallowed as it sprouts but there is also a variant in which it is stored in a container called Gokkun. In this version, the semen is drunk as if it were a cocktail.

Currently, the genre is again gaining repercussion due to strong competition from several specialized producers such as Premiumbukkake, Texas Bukkake and Putalocura. The aim is to offer the material in high definition and with the actresses of the highest possible level within the limitations of this type of production. The origins of the term are often attributed to feudal Japan where it was supposedly used with women who had committed infidelity. There is no historical documentation to support this fact and the official punishment for adulterous women at that time was the death penalty. The legend may be due to the fact that the genre was popularized in the 1990s by Japanese producers who, under the shadow of censorship, had to offer the strongest possible content in order to compete with Western productions.

Triple penetration

We’ve already talked about double penetration. In this hardcore porn intensity escalation the curl can be further curled. In two variants, double vaginal or double anal, it is the most radical standard practice of today’s porn. Surely in this search for the extreme in the future will come new methods that surpass it in intensity. It will be quite difficult, the physical limit is already very close in the latest productions of producers such as Legal Porno.

The execution is tremendously complex although it may seem relatively easy from the outside. Successful coordination requires perfect execution. The chosen ones need powerful lower trains to maintain the position and achieve the complex objective. Once in position the rhythm must be kept in step and the angle of penetration at the optimum point. But without a doubt the most difficult role is played by actresses who put their physical resistance and anal elasticity to the limit.

Physical Changes in Porn Movies: Evolution to Pornstar

It is one of the most spectacular and radical changes that can occur in the pornographic industry. Normally starring actresses who have not finished achieving the desired success and seek to reinvent themselves and leave the demanding genre teen through the big door. Thanks to the advances of science, young women become imposing pornstars with voluptuous figures. At the moment the trend is losing momentum, natural bodies are increasingly in demand, and the rising level of porn no longer allows ungraceful actresses to triumph by surgery alone.

Amia Miley

Madison Ivy

Physical Changes in Porn Movies: Weight Loss

The pace of life involved in building a successful career in the porn industry is tremendously demanding. Marathon sex days and a very active lifestyle. Travelling back and forth and always staying in top form to offer the maximum in every scene is no easy task. Keep in mind that anal sex requires a deep cleansing with enemas that also contributes to that weight loss.

Most actresses choose to tone their bodies based on diets and gym hours. In this way we go from exuberant bodies with tits and asses of good size to graceful physical fitness. It is a generalized phenomenon, it is rare to see actresses with some overweight in the main productions. Debutants with a few kilo more try to get in shape quickly to adapt to this current.

Keisha Grey

Jillian Janson

AVN Awards

Adult Video News is a famous American magazine born in 1983. It is devoted body and soul to the powerful American pornographic industry. The main asset of the news group is to have a media network dedicated exclusively to linking professionals in the pornographic industry.

They award the most prestigious prizes in the industry, usually compared to the Oscars of porn cinema. They have been setting trends and raising promising young people to the altars of glory for decades. They have been held uninterruptedly since 1984 and currently take place in Las Vegas every first quarter of the year.

Halloween Porn

Pornhub’s amateur porn is quickly eating away at the professional. Just a few days ago and on the occasion of the arrival of Halloween the young Shaiden Rogue has captivated the platform with a very special scene. It begins with the apparition of a tenebrous girl in the middle of a peaceful night walk. After a few agonizing attempts to escape and a few scares the action begins.

The blowjob meets the standards of hardcore porn. Deep throat, violent and rivers of saliva spilling. Ends in a very different way to what we are used to. She gets up, spits it out and punches her lucky victim. Persecutions, shouts, scares and a good blowjob. A better Halloween is impossible.

Dirty Sanchez

It is a sexual practice that consists of passing a finger stained with feces over the lip of the companion. In this way the receiver of Dirty Sanchez is forced to smell his own fucking moustache. It is usually done as an accompaniment and final adornment of anal sex. The concept was born in a porn video starring Dustin Diamon, an American actor known worldwide for participating in the series Saved by the Bell. It shows our protagonist having carefree sexual relations with two young ladies. The moment takes place almost at the end of the video near the 49th minute.

-Look at me! Look at me!
-You’re so pretty… Have you ever had a Dirty Sanchez?

In a very short time the concept became viralized and quickly occupied a prominent place in the collective imaginary relative to the largest unimaginable filth. The most critics doubt the practice, saying that it is simply a marketing movement designed to impact viewers and relaunch the fame of the actor. Its creator assures that the practice is true and legitimate, within his circle of friends made it with relative assiduity.

Physical Changes in Porn Movies: Evolution to MILF

In the last few years we have been experiencing an authentic MILF explosion. More and more demanded and with a greater number of productions specialized in the subject matter. Now let’s put ourselves in the situation of a young actress who during all her career has worked labelled as a teen. The actresses are getting younger and younger and the older ones are quickly displaced and relegated to second level productions.

Jessa Rhodes (26 years old)

To great evils great solutions, with the indispensable aid of the operating room and hours of gymnasium they transform their youthful bodies into stunning physical MILF. In the new genre they see their careers re-launched, they are mature with a trap. With smooth bodies and faces without wrinkles. Their energy, experience and know-how make it very difficult for legitimate MILFs.

Madison Eve (30 years old)

Talent in the pornographic industry



The most sexually committed actresses of their time. It is not enough just to meet the standards of hardcore sex, you must go a little further. Both for sexual surrender and for willingness to extreme practices. They are actresses who are not afraid of anything. It is essential to love the trade and enjoy every scene. The chosen ones of the porn, if it is combined with a spectacular physique we will have a pornstar that marked an epoch.



This type of actresses comply with the intensity standards demanded at all times by the industry. They know how to act and do not hesitate to shoot hardcore scenes, haven’t long careers and accumulate the bulk of industry awards. They are a guarantee of quality. Prodigals in scenes of anal sex so in demand today. If the physicist accompanies, they are assured the success and the signing of lucrative contracts.



These actresses do not stand out for their dedication or their performance in front of the cameras. They try to shoot most of their careers in soft mainstream productions, usually they provide some low-intensity anal scene with more grief than glory. The main goal of their careers is to increase their current account with as little wear and tear as possible.



Finally, it is time to talk about the lower class. These actresses don’t enjoy what they do but have seen porn as a quick way to earn income. They don’t usually shoot anal scenes and are pigeonholed into a few production companies. On stage, they stand out for a total lack of desire. In general, they are beautiful actresses with good physicists, otherwise they wouldn’t get to shoot for any production company.

Classes of pornstars


They are those pornstars with stunning physicists who debut directly for big producers. With an aura of stars from the beginning. There is a risk that they enter a comfort zone shooting only soft scenes and without hardcore demands. They are the kind of actresses who work when, where and how they want.


Totally spectacular physicists that if they pass by the street next to you you would turn to look at their asses. With the proper delivery and disposition they can become superstars widely surpassing pornstar of the High-end class.


The pawns of the pornographic industry. To reach the main producers and develop a lasting career they must adapt to the extreme practices increasingly popular in porn. They are not covers of the main productions and do not capture attention outside of porn but they are necessary for the functioning of the industry.


Unsavory actresses. If they cross you on the street, they won’t attract your attention. This kind of actresses play in porn in a difficult way. They know they’re not pretty and won’t be able to make the main productions, but they don’t care. They are the class most involved with their work, you can see that they enjoy the scenes on a personal level. They are in porn because they like the idea of being fucked in front of the cameras and thousands of men spilling their seed with their laborious work.