Bangbros is a pornographic production company based in Miami. The project was started in 2002 by Kristopher Hinson, a student at the University of Florida. A visionary who with little more than a vehicle, a camera and willing girls created one of the most iconic, award-winning and profitable porn sites in the entire industry.

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Tushy is an American pornographic production company created in 2015. Along with Blacked and Vixxen, it is part of Greg Lansky’s all-powerful business conglomerate. The studio has a very high level of production. At times the scenes look like Hollywood movies where two protagonists have a real delicacy between dramatic acts. Plans and cinematographic lighting to represent in an excellent way anal sex sessions with first class pornstars. Guaranteed success.

In 2016 they unleashed their full potential with the blockbuster Being Riley starring Riley Reid and listing the top pornstars of the moment. That same year they won the XRCO award for best film and the AVN awards for best marketing campaign and best new brand. In 2018 they launched Tushy Raw in an attempt to attract audiences with more hardcore tastes and thus start competing with Vogov the queen producer of the genre.

Suicide Girls

Suicide Girls is an erotic photography website created in 2001. It is part of American popular culture and has been portrayed in many publications such as Rolling Stone, Wired or The New Yorker. The platform is not actively looking for models; they are the ones who present themselves to the community in search of recognition. The number of candidates is enormous. The competition exerts a powerful selection that makes the average level of the platform very high.

The style of these girls is far from what we are used to seeing in mainstream pornographic productions. Exotic physicists adorned with tattoos, piercings and striking multicoloured hair. The nudes are usually artistic and nothing but the necessary is shown. There are many cases of models who take advantage of the popularity obtained in these sessions to start in professional porn. In this way they make their debut in the most lucrative way possible thanks to a previous fan base.


Vogov is a pornographic production company created in 2018 and owned by Markus Dupree. In a short time the actor is being crowned as the world’s leading producer of hardcore porn. Pornstars like to work with the famous actor and often agree to shoot the most intense scenes of their careers. They are taking the hardcore genre to unprecedented levels of refinement and intensity.

All the movies in the studio are cut by the same pattern. They have the almost perfect formula. Scenes without respite where the dominant actor tests the actresses anal resistance between acrobatic sexual positions and with an absolutely devilish rhythm. In 2019 the production company announced the creation of the OGO coin. A crypto currency specialized in transactions aimed at the adult entertainment industry. A very intelligent step. The future of technology passes one way or another through the crypto currencies and the studio is positioned at the head of this potential revolution.


Deeper is an American pornographic producer. It is part of Greg Lansky’s all-powerful conglomerate along with Blacked (interracial sex) and Tushy (anal sex). It’s the evolution of mainstream porn, high definition film scenes. The introductions have very careful interpretations and very elaborate and inappropriate camera shots of pornographic productions.

Staying away from hardcore porn and with clear maintream pretensions is the clear demonstration that the standards of intensity in modern porn are rising. It’s not uncommon to see bukkakes, gangbangs and relatively violent sex in the production company’s filmography. Scenes always with the most important pornstars of each moment. The actresses know the importance of their performance for the future of their career show a total sexual commitment. Of course they are part of the elite in terms of awards and recognitions refers. So far this year, the Vixen group has won 27 industry awards.


Pornhub is the world’s leading online pornographic platform. It is owned by MindGeek since 2010. The company also owns Youporn and Redtube, composing the largest mosaic of porn videos in history. By categories, by actresses, by sexual fetishes. The variety is immense, porn for each person in an accessible and fast way.

The porn model is changing by leaps and bounds. It is being promoted that future actresses decide to shoot autonomously. Without having to go through the requirements of conventional porn and even without showing their identity. It is a genre that has yet to be broken. The level of these new actresses is matching the standards of professional porn. Almost surpassing it in some cases.

The short average age of most of these new actresses stands out. It is precisely this ability to shoot and start generating income quickly that attracts these very young actresses. Pornhub is on its way to becoming, if not already, the google of porn. Too bad that the big monopolies do not usually end up benefiting the end user. We will see if the evolution of Pornhub will be beneficial for the industry or will become a hindrance of porn to turn it into exorbitant profits.

Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure is an American pornographic production company created in 1999. Specializing in a particular style of POV porn, their style is respectful of actresses and lets them do it their way. Generations of pornstars have passed through her powerful spotlights.

Scenes in high definition with operating room lighting more young actresses willing to please in their first scenes in front of a large production company. Good combination. The main attraction of his films are the blowjobs. Slow and focused on the expressions of the actresses. For quantity of scenes and popularity one of the sites with more history of the porn. is a San Francisco-based porn production company specializing in BDSM. It was founded in 1997 by British Peter Acworth, a young economics student at Columbia University, under the name Soon after, he began to generate thousands of dollars a day and made the decision to abandon his studies to focus on his new business.

Due to the quality of the shooting and the number of recordings, it is the main company of the BDSM genre. Their films present a great variety of sexual fetishes in high definition. From refined bondage scenes to hardcore gangbang with submission/domination roles.


Blacked is a pornographic production company specializing in interracial sex. It was founded in 2014 by director Greg Lansky. With high quality production and its own quarry of black stallions has become the main reference of its genre.

Winners of the XBIZ Awards (2015) and AVN Awards (2016) Best Porn Site of the Year. In recent times have been betting heavily on ganbang. The contrast is served, huge black penises attack small pornstars from all possible angles. They have worked with all the great porn actresses of today, they don’t miss one.

Gloryhole Swallow

Gloryhole Swallow is an American pornographic producer. It is building a reputation in the industry by offering a well-defined formula, an actress on her knees and cocks in holes. Their recording style is unmistakable, they have managed to create an image of their own.

The scenes always follow the same routine, brief presentation of the actress and subsequent succession of blowjobs. They have a counter that records the number of cumshots swallowed, as if it were a sports marker, to help us follow the action. The merit of the production company is twofold as it is generating videos with a huge demand for second and third row actresses.

Legal Porno

Legal Porno is a European porn film production company specializing in Hardcore sex. Born in 2012 and based in Prague (Czech Republic) has increased its popularity by offering the most extreme content on the market. Her hallmark are triple penetrations, in this type of scenes actresses must display great elasticity to maintain their physical integrity.

It’s clear that shooting porn at that level carries with it an important wear and tear, that’s why your actresses last so little in the business. Before the arrival of the production company this kind of practices were very rare to see, were reserved for few poor quality recordings made by third level studios.

His scenes are decals between them, operating room lighting, careful framing and fast camera movements always pointing to action. The close-ups of anal prolapses, better known in slang as gape, are also a must. They have managed to create their own style, nobody is surprised to see golden rains and double anal penetrations in mainstream porn.